How to get a Free Domain for Your Project? [10 Methods]

Starts your project with a free domain.


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How to get a Free Domain for Your Project? [10 Methods]

This is the list of best methods to get free domains that you can find on the internet.

In this guide, you will know the 10 best methods to get domain names for free, and when this free domain is good for you.

Some methods are applicable for everyone while others are suitable for specific people and use cases.

As, some registrar provides a free domain for users in specific geographical regions, nationalities, or students. And, some service provider provides a free domain name when you purchase their other service or product.

The good news is, some domain names acquired from these methods are as good as domain names you purchased directly through your credit card and sometimes even better.

Let’s get started.

How to get a Free Domain with no money?

1. Free Domain Using Hosting

This method of getting a free domain works for most people. As almost all users having a domain requires hosting. So, instead of looking for a free domain and later purchasing hosting, you can easily get 1 year of a free domain when buying a web hosting service.

Brands that provide free domain on Web Hosting.

Pros: You have the same right on the domain you received on hosting as you have purchased separately. So you can renew, and transfer the domain after one year as you normally do.

This is one of the preferable ways to get a free domain if you are going to need hosting along with the domain.

How to get a free domain from Bluehost?

Here is a step-by-step guide to get a free domain from Bluehost with web hosting. You can use the same process to get a free domain on all mentioned web hosting brands.

  • Go to Bluehost.
  • Select a web hosting plan. [Basic, Plus etc]
  • Choose billing term [1 year, 3 year].
  • Enter your new domain name.
  • Enter your information.
  • Enter your payment detail.
  • And complete and confirm your account.
  • Now, you have free domain with your hosting.

2. .comnp free Domain

Many countries provide ccTLD domains free for their citizen. You should check if your origin or working country provides a free country-level domain.

.np Domain registrar in Nepal provides free domain to all Nepali official document holders. This domain is free for a lifetime and it will stop working (revoked) only if the domain is used in illegal activities.

This domain extension is only provided to valid and legal document holders so, it has the same value as other Top-level Domains.

Also, the ccTLD domain has the benefit of local SEO on the search engine in the local region.

3. Free Domain for Student

Many organization provides free resources to the student including domain. One of the popular free domain providing packages for students is GitHub Student Developer Pack by Github.

This is applicable to all students having valid identities. It can be an academic identity card, edu email, or payment receipt. Some require all validations while most organizations ask for one form of identification.

4. Freenoms Free Domain

Freenoms provides .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf, .gq domain extension free for everyone.

However, its free availability to anyone without any requirement increases the use of these domains in spammy content and has very low authority on the internet. Also, nowadays it's very difficult to successfully claim the free domain as it shows many errors while registering.

So, if you are looking for a domain other than testing purposes, I recommend avoiding these free extensions.

5. Free subdomain

Many hosting providers, website builders, and Dynamic DNS providers give free subdomain to use with their service. Some provide free subdomain without any payment requirement while other provides as complementary to other paid service. In most of these providers, you can create a website as you like and can access using these subdomains for free.

Some available free subdomain extensions:

6. Free domain as complementary to another service.

  • Free domain with email: Like hosting provider, many email provider provides free domain with an email subscription. You can get a free domain lifetime with an active email subscription from IONOS.
  • Free domain with website builder: Most website builder provides a free domain for 1 year with their subscription. Some popular website builders that provide free domains are:

    • Zyro,
    • Wix,
    • Squarespace, and more.

7. Free .design Domain

For some time, Porkbun is offering .design extension free for the first year as a marketing scheme. You can claim your free .design domain here. You will need to confirm payment to activate your account.

8. Free Domain has been providing lifetime free domain for a very long. You can get any 4 or more letter domain for free.

To register domain, you just have to create an account on here. Confirm email.

After that request a new domain. While registering the domain you will have to provide nameserver detail (You can get that from any free DNS provider.).

And, wait for a day.

9. Free domain provides free ccTLD domains with for a lifetime. However, you will need to confirm your email and associate your account with a payment card. This was introduced to prevent domain spam. You can claim your free domain here.

10. Free Domain from Event and Conference

There is always a chance of free domain at technical events and conferences as many partners and sponsors give away free domain and other stuff to promote their brands.

Mostly events related to web development like Js-related event, WordCamp, and more provides the domain.

Is free domain safe to use?

Yes, and No, most of the domains are safe to use but not all.

Everything that you do, write & publish under any domain on the internet will be associated with that domain name. So, it's necessary to know how much control you have over that domain and how authoritative that domain extension is.

  • You need to know whether this free domain is only free to use or you will become the owner of that domain. A free domain that you get with hosting is pretty good as others.
  • Most of the time, a free domain that is given only after certain verification like identity, credit card, etc is good. Due to the identity association, these domain extensions are mostly used in the serious project and has a good reputation. However, Domain that is available to anyone without any requirement is used in spammy or malicious environments and has a very bad reputation.
  • Other free domains are only good for testing projects that you are ready to lose any time without any issue.

Is ccTLD domain extension good to use?

Yes, the ccTLD domain extension is one of the recommendations for local businesses in digital marketing and SEO. It doesn't matter whether it is free or paid unless these extensions have a bad reputation. Most of the time domain extensions that are given to limited people after certain verification is good to go. For example, free extension is good for any project because they are given only after legal document verification in Nepal.

Which is the best registrar to get a domain name?

Any ICANN-recognized register with enough features, good support, and low pricing is always a good place to start. You can check the common feature of a good registrar and lis of the 10 best registrar section in my original articleBest Domain Registrars.